37th ARCASIA Council Meeting & Asian Congress of Architects 17 (ACA17) Hong Kong

A large contingent from IAP comprising of 21 Architects and 19 students, led by the President IAP, Ar. Ali Zafar Qazi attended the ACA17 in Hong Kong from 25th September – 1st October, 2016 at the Hong Kong Convention Centre. The 6 day program with the theme, ´Growth and Diversity: the Green Age of Asia’ comprised of events starting with ARCASIA Office Bearers, Committee and Fellowship meetings on day 1.

37th ARCASIA Council Meetings were held on 27th and 28th September, 2016 followed by welcome dinner by his Excellency, the Chief Executive of Hong Kong. IAP was represented by the President, Ar. Ali Zafar Qazi and Vice President, Ar. Najmi Hassan in the council meetings with Ar. Shahab Ghani Khan, Ar. Muhammad Farooq and Honorary Secretary IAP, Ar. Ramiz Baig as observers.

The highlight of the event was the addition of 2 member countries to ARCASIA increasing its membership from 19 to 21 countries. The youngest members are Brunei and Myanmar who will be officially invited from next year council meeting to be presided by our very own Ar. Jahangir Khan Sherpao, who will take over as President ARCASIA for the term 2017-18 and will be taking over office early next year. Elections for the Vice Presidents were held where the following were elected: Vice President (Zone A) Ar. Abu Sayeed M. Ahmed from Bangladesh, Vice President (Zone B) Ar. Chan Eng Chye Theodore from Singapore and Vice President (Zone C) Ar. Nuno Soares from Macau. The incoming President Ar. Jahangir Khan welcomed them to his committee and also announced that Ar. Ramiz Baig and Ar. Sannah Ejaz will be his Honorary Secretary and Treasurer respectively for his term.
Addition of 2 member countries, Brunei and Myanmar to ARCASIA.
Ar. Ramiz Baig and Ar. Sannah Ejaz will serve as Honorary Secretary and Treasurer, respectively for ARCASIA for the term 2017-2018.

President IAP presented the country report highlighting the event packed IAP Calendar. He also raised an objection at the council meeting on the incorrect representation of Pakistan’s sovereign boundary in the ARCASIA History Book, which was noted by the council.

The ACA17 conference was a two day event with renowned keynote speakers like (Late) Ar. Bing Thom, Ar. Tomohiko Yamanashi and Ar. Robert Greenwood. In the thematic session on Design and Social Responsibility, IAP had two speakers. Ar. Ramiz Baig presented his work as part of IAP’s Growing Universal Accessibility Initiative and a video which has been made for creating awareness on the subject. The second speaker was Ar. Hyder M. Ibrahim, who presented the work that he has done in the often ignored rural areas of Pakistan.

The annual ARCASIA Awards Ceremony and Dinner was held at the scenic Kai Tek Cruise Terminal where the winners received the ARCASIA Awards for Architecture. 9 entries were sent from Pakistan but none were shortlisted for this year’s cycle. The official ACA17 proceedings culminated with the colourful Friendship Night. Like every year this was celebrated with a cultural performance by all Member countries. HKIA won first prize, IIA second and KIRA was third prize.

City Tour with pivotal stops at Sir Norman Foster’s HSBC Building, as well as I. M. Pei’s Bank of China Tower was arranged for all delegates on the 6th and last day of ARCASIA.

IAP Members were represented at ACPP, ACSR, ACAE, ACGSA & ACYA from Karachi, Lahore & Islamabad Chapters. Following are the ARCASIA Committees details and their representatives from Pakistan.

ARCASIA Committee of Professional Practice:

Ar. Sikander Hayat Khan was Official Committee Member, Ar. Najmi Hassan and Ar. Asad Ali were observers.

ARCASIA Committee of Social Responsibility

Ar. M. Arif Changezi was official committee member and Ar. Yousaf Ghouri was the observer.

ARCASIA Committee of Architectural Education:

BAE Chairman Ar. Arshad Faruqui was Official Committee Member and Ar. Muhammad Attique and Ar. Aazar Khan were observers.

ARCASIA Committee of Green & Sustainable Architecture:

Ar. Amina Qayyum Mirza was the official Committee Member and Ar. Komal Parvez was the observer.

ARCASIA Committee of Young Architects:

Ar. Ramiz Baig was the official Committee member and Ar. Faizullah Qureshi and Ar. Sahar Saleem were observers. This committee was chaired by Ar. Fawad Suhail Abbasi who will end his term this year.

ARCASIA Student’s Jamboree

19 students from Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad Chapter actively participated in all the events of the Student’s Jamboree. They bring back with them tremendous shared experiences as well as friendships made for life. The students were led by Ms. Mohaddesse Fatima from IVSAA Karachi who was one of the official student representatives from IAP, the other was Ms. Fatima Najam from NCA Lahore.

The ARCASIA Student Design Competition prize distribution ceremony also took place as part of the Jamboree proceedings; IAP’s Ar. Ramiz Baig was one of the members of the international jury panel for this award.