A Talk on Architecture for Green Living by Ar. M.D. Rafiq Azam, ISLAMABAD

The IAP-RIC arranged an evening for an inspiring talk/lecture by the world renowned Bangladeshi Architect Rafiq Azam .The event was held at the Islamabad club on 22nd December and was attended by both IAP members and students from the architecture schools in twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

Ar. Azam shared is selected projects and explained its design language. It was evident from his presentation that Azam’s architecture carries strong sentiments of human emotions and memories; wanting to create spaces for cherishing memories. His work speaks volumes about the history and heritage of Bengal and often weaves a cohesive link, a sublime pattern between its urban and rural cultures. It looks into the past and tries to find the missing link between history and the present. One could not help but notice the underlying tones of spiritual poetics in his work aptly illustrated by the rhythm of light in all of his designs. His spaces are created for the senses and his design of S.A family Graveyard reflects this in its truest form. He mentions that his client wished for a final resting place for his parents that would speak of his love, affection and respect for them. Hence, a space of transcendence is designed in the form of a concrete frame to connect the celestial (after death) with the temporary (worldly). He brought the talk to an end by this quote of Jalal Uddin Rumi;

‘Silence is the preferred language of god, all else is poor translation’.