BAE – IAP Roundtable on Architectural Education, KARACHI

The Board of Architectural Education, Institute of Architects Pakistan organized a round table session on architectural education on 26 June 2018 at a local hotel. The objective of holding this session was to appraise the past and present scenario of architectural education to tread in to the future. The session was held after substantial pre-event preparations. BAE Chair, Architect Khadija Jamal Shaban liaised actively with many senior academics and professionals with an interest in education to contribute their thoughts and ideas before and during the session.

On the day, Khadija introduced the intent and purpose of the event. She gave an over view of the architectural education scene in the country. Prof. Dr. Noman Ahmed, Dean, Faculty of Architecture and Management gave a presentation on the subject. It was based on a position paper that was written by him and circulated before the event. The presentation covered a broad range of issues connected to architectural education including historical background and geographical context, evolution of architectural profession and education, early students, teachers, society and more, early challenges and responses, key determinants in architectural education, timeline [1970s to 2018] and core developments, the institutional context, interface and influences from abroad, Statutory and professional bodies, knowledge resources related to local context, challenges and opportunities. He also presented an agenda for discussion. Architect Muhammad Fazal Noor, Head of Architecture Department at Sir Syed University, gave a presentation on governance issues in relation to architectural studies. He stressed that architectural education shall greatly improve if some contemporary options – such as outcome based education – are adequately applied and examined. There was an open discussion wherein eminent architects and academics participated. Ejaz Ahed, Syed Akeel Bilgrami, Fariha Amjad Ubaid, Sheema Amir, Komal Pervez, Arshad Farooqui, Iftikhar Azam, Hussain Jesserwala, Bisma, Maria Aslam, Tariq Qaiser and Farida A Ghaffar participated. Architect Soha Macktoom acted as a rapporteur of the session.

Many useful outcomes came out during the discussion which are being compiled and circulated leading to further deliberations on this theme.