Roundtable of ARCASIA Committee of Professional Practice, Dhaka, Bangladesh

ACPP meeting at Dhaka was one of its kind as it aimed to bring member countries together to share their architectural practice issues in their respective countries.

A small agenda was shared by the chairman of the committee. Since this meeting took place in Dhaka, therefore the major part of the presentation was awarded to Bangladesh. The venue of meeting was at Bengal Canary Hotel, Dhaka.

After the Bangladeshi presentation, the data sharing was discussed by individual countries. Ar. Najmi Hasan represented Pakistan with Ar. Sikandar Hayat Khan as observer. Pakistan discussed various institutional policies of education and practice.

IAP, along with Pakistan Council of Architects and Town Planners (PCATP), which is the regulatory body, is making every effort to make the profession prosper. The biggest task faced by us is the mushroom growth of schools and quality education. Similarly the council is working on drafting Continuous Professional Development modalities and promised that we will be able to give the news of CPD implementation in Hong Kong, ARCASIA. During the recent AGM, PCATP announced CPD program which, on principal was adopted by the council. A working group is busy doing the scheduling and other modalities. The first program of CPD will be in place around first week of December.

The occasion and timings of the ACPP meeting and OB meeting was scheduled with the inauguration of IAB new building. It was a wonderful hospitality extended by IAB, many young architects were deputed to take care of the delegates.