10th Roundtable of ARCASIA Committee of Green and Sustainable Architecture, INDONESIA

The 10th roundtable of ARCASIA Committee on Green and Sustainable Architecture (ACGSA) began by a welcome address of Ar. Ahmad Djuhara (President of IAI) at Santikapremiere-JI, Pandanaran Semarang Central Java, Indonesia followed by introduction of country representatives and delegates. Ar. Debatosh Sahu, Chairman ACGSA addressed the roundtable and this was followed by opening remarks by Ar. Jahangir Khan Sherpao, President ARCASIA. This time the theme of the roundtable was ‘Living with Water’.

The agenda of the house was discussed and country reports were presented by each member institutes.

President Ar. Ali Zafar Qazi and Member ACGSA Ar. Amina Qayyum Mirza represented Pakistan. Ar. Amina in her report presented activities by IAP related to sustainable environment at national level engaging architecture students and professionals. Her report included the following:

  • Assisting public sector in development of relevant Codes
  • Creating awareness through various competitions
  • Seminars on heritage
  • Workshop on environmental assessment and management
  • Heritage walks
  • Activism for environmental cause and heritage preservation

The report emphasized the issues faced by Pakistan due to climate change; leading to floods, water scarcity and difficulties faced by urban and rural populace due to unregulated environmental public policy. Further Ar. Amina Mirza presented projects related to the theme of water with reference to vernacular structures and projects in Pakistan by NARC on bio-remediation, bio-saline agriculture and other techniques developed in Pakistan to convert toxic and saline water to sweet water fit for irrigation and human consumption. She also highlighted the fact that some of these techniques of water retrieval were unique to Pakistan and gave a detailed presentation on bio-remediation. She recommended that in view of global water crisis it is pertinent to look at biotechnology and other disciplines to incorporate solutions that are beneficial for the environment. The report was very well received.

President IAP Ar. Ali Zafar Qazi thanked the host IAI President, ACGSA Chair, IAI member and Convener of the roundtable for and excellent event and presented them souvenirs.