The year started with a big bang as the first of the four ARCASIA – IAP Young Architects Collaborative was launched on January 23’ 2016 at the National College of Arts (NCA) Lahore.
This event hosted by Chairman ACYA, ARCASIA Committee on Young Architects & Vice President ARCASIA Zone A was organized by the Lahore Chapter of the Institute of Architects, Pakistan.

ARCASIA and IAP have been monumental in providing a voice for emerging architects who might not have a wide platform to share their work. This Young Architects Collaborative is a series of talks launched by Chairman ACYA & Vice President ARCASIA Zone A that will highlight the selected chronology of works of these young professionals showcasing their individual architectural convictions and practice approaches, without losing sight of the economic, and most importantly the environmental concerns at the forefront of our architectural agenda. Some of these young professionals have chosen other art forms as careers and this dialogue will be a discourse to learn from their ideas.

Today’s young architect is unique and brings together a strong history that combines, compromises and respects the knowledge and ideas to customize a personal design philosophy. These new generations are designers, academia, musicians, set & furniture designers, art directors, story tellers, performers, puppeteers, event & project managers, Choreographers, interior consultants and even fashion designers.

The theme of these talks is “Reiterating Horizons” and will be a travelling event in four major cities of the country. After Lahore the next one is planned in Peshawar, then Karachi and finally Islamabad. These young architects that are being invited from across the country have gained recognition for their distinct approach, methodology, design philosophy and professional ethics. Many of them have been recognized both locally and internationally and are role models for both students and young architects of Pakistan.

The first event of this series was organized at the National College of Arts, Lahore on January 23’ 2015 with a series of talks by young architects and designers of the region. It was attended by eminent architects, young architects and students from various schools from Lahore.

The participating speakers were Mr. Aqrab Ali Rana, Architect & CEO of Pakistan Green Building Council (PGBC), Mr.Faizaan Ahab, Architect & Choreographer, Ms. Leena Hasan, Principal Interior Designer MSA Lahore, Ms. Mehwish Abid, Architect & Poet, Mr. Danial Khyzer, Architect & Story teller, Mr. Naveed Sabir, Principal Architect NSDA Studios, Mr. Saad Qureshi, Architect & Musician, Ms. Sannah Ejaz, Architect & Academic & Ar. Talah Muftee, Architect & Animator.

The evening started with recitation from the Holy Quran and National Anthem. Ar. Manal Abdullah, Moderator & Master of Ceremony welcomed everyone and introduced her team and the theme of ARCASIA – IAP Young Architects Collaborative. She spoke about why this project was launched and what is intended out of these events in four major cities of the Country.

Chairman ACYA, ARCASIA Committee on Young Architects Ar. Fawad Suhail Abbasi gave an overview of this first committee on Young architects at ARCASIA and what it’s achieved in the last one year of its inception. He is the first Chairman of ACYA and currently heading 19 Asian countries and one ACYA representative from each country is part of this committee.

He spoke about the goals achieved and calendar of events for the year 2016 including the second ARCASIA Travel Prize. He also presented the various programs that were organized in the past year on the ACYA platform with IAP and the outcome of this fresh new committee.
He thanked everyone from IAP Lahore Chapter, All the seniors, President IAP Ar. Ali Zafar Qazi and President – Elect ARCASIA Ar. S. M. Jahangir Khan Sherpao for endorsing this first event and making it possible at NCA Lahore.

President – Elect ARCASIA & Immediate Past President IAP, Ar. S. M. Jahangir Khan Sherpao spoke in detail on the initiatives taken on joint projects of IAP & ARCASIA in Pakistan with roundtables, forums and teacher training workshops for young architects in the last three years as President IAP and when he took over as Vice President ARCASIA Zone A. He talked about Zone A milestones for the region and the impact IAP has left on other ARCASIA countries with continuous projects in the last few years. He told the audience that many ARCASIA countries are now following the same model especially in the field of architectural education which he focused on and it’s been very close to his heart. He assured of continued efforts as the upcoming President ARCASIA 2017-2018 and thanked everyone for their support.

Chairman IAP Lahore Chapter Ar. Sajjad Kausar welcomed the speakers and guest architects and highlighted the importance of the Young Architects Collaborative. He said the youth are torch bearers and the future of IAP lies in them; they are the new leaders who have learnt well and continue to surprise him with their energy and zeal.
He looked forward to more such initiatives by ACYA for the young architects of Pakistan to showcase what wonderful work they are doing across the country.

President IAP Ar. Ali Zafar Qazi appreciated the organizing team and talked about future IAP initiatives. He was very hopeful on what the young generation of architects was trying to do as a body of professionals, the role of ACYA in this regard and his role as President IAP along with President – Elect ARCASIA.
He said that Pakistani architects have created waves in the Asian region with currently 7 International positions within ARCASIA, UIA & CAA and what further we can do as a team to raise this bar even higher. He thanked his seniors and National Council members for showing their trust in him and unanimously electing him President IAP.

Each speaker brought a different character to their presentation, from green building design, to poetry, storytelling , interior design, dance choreography, music, art direction, animation, teaching design studio, everyone had a major part to play and they spoke openly of what inspires them as young designers.

They welcomed this initiative from ACYA and thanked IAP from working alongside young architects and students who are the future of the profession. They emphasized the need to involve the youth on all levels of the profession, to provide training and also organize discussions with the icons of the country that they have looked up to as students and later graduates.

Chairman ACYA closed the session and informed the audience on the upcoming sessions planned for Peshawar, Karachi and Islamabad in the next few months where ACYA representatives from other 18 countries of ARCASIA will be invited as international speakers.

It was very well attended event and brings more hope for the future of our profession specifically young architects who have created a change and represent Pakistan across the globe.