ARCASIA + V4AF Heritage Roundtable II, Prague, CZECH REPUBLIC

The ARCASIA -V4AF II Roundtable on Heritage Conservation-Renovation- “Adaptive Reuse Of Heritage Structures” was held in Prague-Bratislava-Budapest-Krakow between 23th -30th April 2018. IAP nominated Ar. Fauzia Qureshi as official delegate. Apart from the members of Visegrad 4 Architectural Cooperation countries comprising Hungary, Slovakia Czech Republic and Poland, the Round Table was attended by ARCASIA members from Pakistan, India, Korea and Hong Kong, led by the President ARCASIA Ar. Jahangir Khan Sherpao and Honorary Secretary ARCASIA Ar. Ramiz Baig.

It was a well-organized including visit to 4 castles in Budapest, Bratislava- Prague and Krakow with detailed presentations on the state of conservation of each of the castles followed by tours of the historic city centers.

The event initiated in Budapest on April 24th 2018, with a signing of a memorandum of agreement between V4AF and ARCASIA in the Budapest Palace. The memorandum was in continuation of the resolution of the first V4AF-ARCASIA round Table in 2017. The 6 point memorandum reiterated promotion and creating awareness of heritage through universal ownership, heritage education amongst people and children and promotion of values for conservation, protection, preservation restoration and adaptive reuse of heritage. A presentation was also given on the conservation of the Buda palace with a tour of the entire site.

The event was successfully concluded on 30th April 2018 when delegates took the coaster back from Krakow to Budapest with a commitment to meet again hopefully in Asia. It certainly was an unforgettable event for the participants that they not only got to see four historic cities of Europe but also had an opportunity to meet and network with each other and developed a deeper understanding of our cross cultural links.