BAE IAP Academic Series

BAE-IAP has launched an Academic Lecture Series (ALS) to highlight and encourage intellectual discourse among students through a 2 hour session involving a presentation by an expert followed by discussions. The core audience is 4th and final year students. It is hosted at any one of the institutions seeking participation from all schools of that city and is streamed live for the benefit of students in other cities. Three sessions have been held and received well.

ALS 01 on Karachi Past and Present was presented by Dr. Noman Ahmed at IVSAA, Karachi on 18 February, 2019

ALS 02: Changing faces of  Peshawar was presented by Ar Wasif Shinwari at CECOS Peshawar on 13 March, 2019

ALS 03: Multan: City of Shrines was presented by Ar Fauzia Qureshi at NFC Multan on 10 April 2019