CAA Robert Matthew Award 2016

The Commonwealth Association of Architects (CAA) is a membership organization for institutes representing architects in Commonwealth countries. Formed in 1965, it currently has 36 Member Organizations (MO). CAA celebrated 50 years as a landmark event from 15th – 18th June, 2015 in London, hosted by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA). In the Council Meeting of CAA held on 15th June, 2015 in London, it was decided that the Institute of Architects, Pakistan (IAP) will host the CAA Robert Matthew Award in March, 2016 in Lahore, Pakistan.

Presentation Ceremony took place in Lahore on 4th March, 2016 in conjunction with IAPEX 2016. The event was well attended by IAP members, guests and members from the CAA Council and other dignitaries. The Chief Guest of the event was Senior Architect Irshad Ahmed Burney. The event started with the welcome address by Convener CAA RM Award Event, Ar. Ahmed Pervez Mirza. It was followed by the presentation of mementos to the CAA members, delegates including Ms. Nadeesha Yahampa from Sri Lanka (Executive Director CAA), Ar. Musa Mohammad from Nigeria (VP CAA), Ar. Chandana Edirisooriya from Sri Lanka (Chair Practice Elect. CAA), Ar. Peter Oborn from UK (VP Europe Elect. CAA), As. Sithabile Mathe from Botswana (VP Africa CAA), Ar. Mansur Kurfi from Nigeria (Chair Education CAA), Ar. Christos Panayiotides from Cyprus (Chair Education Elect. CAA), Ar. Steven Oundo from Kenya (Chair Practice CAA), Ar. Kalim A. Siddiqui from Pakistan (VP Asia (2013-2016), Ar. Vincent Cassar from Malta (SVP CAA 2013-2016) and Ar. Rukhshan Widyalankara from SriLanka (CAA President (2013-2016).

Ar. Kalim A. Siddiqui from Pakistan thanked the CAA Council for bringing Robert Matthew Award to Lahore, Pakistan and gave an introduction of Sir Robert Matthew and explained his contributions towards Pakistan’s Architecture.

About the Award:

President CAA (2013-2016), Ar. Rukhshan Widyalankara presented the award details. The Robert Matthew Award was established in 1982 to commemorate CAA’s founder Sir Robert Hogg Matthew at an executive meeting in Kuala Lumpur led by the then CAA President, Professor Peter Johnson in 1982. The award recognizes innovative contributions to the development of architecture in the Commonwealth context and is given out every three years to an architect or architectural office making the most outstanding contribution having a particular relevance to the country or region in which the architect or architectural office operates.

Past Winners:

The past winners represent a distinguished body of architects who have provided many Commonwealth countries with significant and lasting architectural endowments.

  1. Philip Cox of Australia – 1983
  2. Arup Associates of UK – 1985
  3. Raj Rewal of India- 1989
  4. Hampshire County Council of UK – 1991
  5. Ian Ritchie Architects of UK – 1994
  6. Greg Burgess Architects of Australia – 1997
  7. TR Hamzah and Yeang of Malaysia – 2000
  8. Balkrishna Doshi of India – 2003

CAA – Robert Matthew Award 2016:

CAA had announced the Robert Matthew Award in September 2015 to commemorate the Golden Jubilee of the CAA and had asked for One Nomination from each of its Member Organizations (MO). 36 Commonwealth Countries were invited to send in their nominations to compete for this Award. Institute of Architects Pakistan (IAP) apart from hosting the event had also sent its One Nomination to contest for the Award.

Jury Members for the CAA-RM Award 2016:

CAA appointed 3 member jury as per the guidelines of the Award. The Jury Members were selected from different regions with the concurrence of the regional Vice presidents and included 02 eminent Architects from the Member Organizations (MO) and a non-Architect. The Jury comprised of the following:

  1. Peter Stutchbury, Australia
  2. Dr. Justine Snell, South Africa
  3. Arfa Sayeda Zehra, Pakistan

Recipient of Robert Matthew Award 2016

The Award Announcement was made by President CAA (2013-2016), Ar. Rukhshan Widyalankara. The CAA is pleased to announce the following as the joint winner for CAA-Robert Matthew Award 2016.

M/s Pervaiz Vandal & Associates, Pakistan and M/s Grimshaw Architects, UK

The Award was presented to Ar. Peter Oborn on behalf of M/s Grimshaw Architects and to Prof. Pervaiz Vandal and Prof. Sajida Vandal (M/s Pervaiz Vandal & Associates) by President CAA 2013-2016 (Ar. Rukhshan Widyalankara) and Chief Guest, Senior Architect I.A Burney.

The recipient of CAA-RM Award Prof Pervaiz Vandal addressed the audience and said, “We are truly humbled; it is a very special moment for us. This award is more than us; it’s more than Pervaiz Vandal & Associates… it is the whole profession, the glorious profession in Pakistan. I can say that our life long experience in education has taught us one thing that ‘We learn from our Students’. The multiplicity in terms of language, ethnicity and cultures in a way helps the teacher to get to the level of students & help them learn and rise; this is what I mean by learning from the students. As architects we have a wonderful profession. We can do so much for our society being architects. The architect’s profession and all the associations that represent them, tell us one thing that our architecture, our endeavors and our efforts have to be in the service of the society, the community and the country. That remains above all the keystone of good architecture. Thank you very much Commonwealth Association of Architects, the jury and everybody… this is not just us, we have all deserved it”.
It is an honor for Pakistan that M/s Pervaiz Vandal & Associates is the First Pakistani Firm to receive the Commonwealth Association of Architects Robert Matthew Award 2016 since its first Award cycle in 1983.

Speaking on the occasion Prof. Sajida Vandal said, “I would like to endorse what Prof. Pervaiz Vandal has said and I would like to add a big thank you for some of the people whom I have travelled this path with, they are my class fellows, all the young people who have worked for Pervaiz Vandal & Associates over the years and also the people who are in THAAP. We travelled this path with these all these people and have learned so much”.

Chief guest, Senior Architect Prof. I.A Burney also spoke on the occasion. The event was followed by handing over of Chains by Ar. Rukhshan Widyalankara, President CAA (2013-2016) to Ar. Vincent Cassar, President CAA (2016-2019). Ar. Kalim A. Siddiqui, VP Asia (2013-2016) rose to the designation of SVP CAA (2016-2019). President IAP, Ar. Ali Zafar Qazi shared his views on the occasion followed by the vote of thanks by Chairman IAP – Lahore Chapter, Ar. Sajjad Kausar. The Award Presentation Ceremony was followed by Cultural Evening.

It was an honor for Pakistan to host the CAA – Robert Matthew Award for the first time after its 1st Cycle in 1983. CAA – RMA 2016 is also a revival of Robert Matthew Award which we hope will continue once in every three years with each elected CAA Council. We would like to congratulate M/s Pervaiz Vandal and Associates, Pakistan and M/s Grimshaw Architects as joint recipients of the CAA-Robert Matthew Award 2016.

Another important feature was the CAA – Student’s Design Competition Exhibition which was organized on the evening of Golden Jubilee of the CAA in June 2015 in London. This exhibition was especially arranged by CAA and was exhibited at Lahore during IAPEX 2016 and CAA Robert Matthew Award event.

Lahore chapter was also honored to host the CAA Council Meeting at Faletti’s Hotel Lahore. One on 4th March, 2016 and other on 5th March, 2016 will the New Council of CAA (2016 – 2019).

CAA, Robert Matthew Award + Cultural Evening: (4th March, 2016)

A musical program was held at Alhamra Arts Complex. The program for the evening started with CAA, Robert Matthew Award a Classical Dance performance by Ms. Nighat Chaudhry followed by Dinner.