City Transect Competition – Celebrating the City

City Transect Competition – Celebrating the City

Text by Ar. Abdul Ali Khan
Photographer: Mr.Muaz Ali


This year Ar. Abdul Ali Khan was appointed as convener of competitions to be held for IAP-RIC members under the age of 30 & students of the architectural schools. The theme of the competition was in line with the Chairman & Convener IAPEX’s vision of celebrating the city & its architects. Therefore, the competition was named as the “City Transect- An Architectural Journey through the twin cities”.


Objective & Scope:

The idea was to demonstrate diversity existing in architectural approaches through the varying landscape of the twin cities. The participants were required to explore the range of relationships between architecture & its surroundings by cutting a section through multiple portions of the city and stitching them together to form a single piece of information.

The participants were required to select a zone from the three locations provided within the city.  Through the chosen area the participants had to show a range of architectural approaches that take shape, adapt-to or address a certain contextual parameters. The eventual outcome/presentation was to be presented as a single collection of information highlighting varying levels of information at multiple locations within an identified range.



Competition was open for all affiliate student members & for associate members (under the age of 30 only) of the IAP-RI Chapter Only.



The submissions were evaluated by eminent Architects of the IAP-RIC and consisted of the following members;

Ar. Salman Mansur, FIAP

Ar. Kabeer Malik, AIAP

Ar. Fauzia Asad Khan, AIAP


It was ensured that all the entries were anonymously and fairly evaluated. Therefore, all the submissions had a unique code and the participants submitted a separate sealed envelope containing their names along with the code. After the jury the results were compiled and the envelopes containing the winners’ names were opened.


Jury’s Citation for the winning entry:

The jury found all the winning entries to be outstanding, addressing the objectives of the competition. The winning design was cited as successful because it showed all aspects of the selected areas and was clearly presented along with impressive sketches & graphics.   The details of the winners along with the awards are as follows;

1st Position Rs. 50,000/- Hira Ikram +Asad Mustafa + Sameen Rizwan (Comsats 4th year)
2nd Position Rs. 30,000/- Architects Bushra Mansoor + Osama Jamil (Graduates NUST)
3rd Position Rs. 20,000/- Khadija Aslam + Midhet Zahra + Noora Asif Butt (Comsats 3rd year)