IAP – ARCASIA Young Architects Collaborative Seminar, Karachi

Jointly organized / hosted by Chairman ACYA, ARCASIA Committee on Young Architects & Vice President ARCASIA Zone A and Institute of Architects, Pakistan – Karachi Chapter (IAP-KC)

In the rapidly diverging world of architecture, the ARCASIA – IAP Young Architects Collaborative aims to showcase the work of young architects who have gained recognition as designers; academics; musicians; set & furniture designers; event & project managers; choreographers; interior consultants; fashion consultants; film makers; photographers, writers, artists; etc.

IAP – Karachi Chapter invited young professionals, (Under 40 years) who have excelled in their respective fields, to showcase their work at the ARCASIA – IAP Young Architects Collaborative Seminar which was held in Karachi on 9th September, 2016.

The event was jointly organized / hosted by Chairman ACYA, ARCASIA Committee on Young Architects and Vice President ARCASIA Zone A and Institute of Architects, Pakistan – Karachi Chapter (IAP-KC)

This has been a travelling event in three major cities of the country. After Lahore and Peshawar the final one was organized in Karachi on 9th September 2016. These young architects and designers invited from all 4 Chapters of IAP have gained recognition for their distinct approach, methodology, design philosophy and professional ethics. Many of them have been recognized both locally and internationally and are role models for both students and young architects of Pakistan.

This event was held at the Department of Architecture and Planning, City Campus, NED University of Engineering and Technology, Karachi and was attended by students from the host school, Indus Valley School of Art & Architecture, Dawood University, Mehran University & senior and junior architects.

After the recitation from the Holy Quran & National Anthem the event Introduction was given by the Convener, Ar. Mariyam Nizam who gave a background and spoke about the criteria of selection of these architects from all 4 chapters of IAP.

Chairman ACYA, ARCASIA Committee on Young Architects, Ar. Fawad Suhail Abbasi gave an overview of the project and talked about the diverse group of architects that were part of the collaborative. He thanked all IAP chapters for their support and the seniors for their guidance since he took over as Chairman ACYA.

Vice President ARCASIA Zone A & President – Elect ARCASIA, Ar. S. M. Jahangir Khan Sherpao talked about the educational initiatives of ARCASIA & IAP and what needs to be done further in training young teachers from Pakistan. He told the audience that other Asian countries are now trying to adopt our model and have asked for assistance. Young teachers from Sri Lanka & Bangladesh have attended these trainings with over 100 young teachers from Pakistan in the last 4 years. These were held in Islamabad and Karachi by IAP and ARCASIA.

President IAP, Ar. Ali Zafar Qazi congratulated the team behind the events and welcomed the speakers from Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi – Islamabad & Peshawar Chapters. He said that it was great to see a diverse group of young architects and designers who have been part of this initiative and it is heartening to see their diverse portfolio’s which gives a lot of hope for the upcoming architects from across Pakistan.

The young speakers from IAP – Karachi Chapter were Ar. Ramiz Baig, Principal Architect RBD & Hon. Secretary IAP, Ar. Faisal Bilwany, Principal Architect Faisal Bilwany Associates, Ar. Sami Chohan, Acting Head, Dept. of Architecture Indus Valley School of Art & Architecture, Ar. Sarah Faizan who is a practicing architect and a graduate of  Department of Architecture and Planning, City Campus, NED University of Engineering and Technology, Karachi, Ar. Yumna Javed & Ar. Faryal Sikander who represented the office of Ar. Marvi Mazhar.

The Lahore Chapter of IAP was represented by Ar. Arsalan Rafique who is an Art Director at a Gaming Company, Rawalpindi – Islamabad Chapter of IAP was represented by Ar. Khizar Faruqui Janjua, Principal Architect Faruqui & Associates while IAP – Peshawar Chapter was represented by Ar. Faisal Rehman who is a practicing Architect & Member of Faculty Department of Architecture, U.E.T Abbotabad Campus.

Each speaker talked about their approach, their philosophy and their future goals. These diverse groups of architects were practicing architects, academies, conservationists and art directors.

In the end Chairman, IAP – Karachi Chapter, Ar. Arif Changezi thanked everyone for attending this very important event and making it a huge success. He was grateful to everyone who especially came from different cities to attend the event.

He invited IAP President, President – Elect ARCASIA & Chairman ACYA for distribution of mementos to the speakers and convener.

It was a very well attended seminar which highlighted the efforts of IAP and ARCASIA in building a strong bond between senior and junior architects and guiding them to represent Pakistan internationally as the next generation of Pakistani architects. It’s a proud moment for the country even now with Pakistani architects who currently hold 7 international positions within ARCASIA, CAA & UIA.