IAPEX 2016 – Collaborative Ecologies by IAP Rawalpindi – Islamabad Chapter

Collaborative Ecologies

Held from 26th to 28th February in Islamabad, IAPEX was divided into several events that spanned three days, including a forum, awards, an entrance design competition, video competition, student performance night, material\ product exhibition and a dinner.

Ar. Rana Atif Was the Convenor of IAPEX 2016 Rwp / Isb Chapter

Material and Product Exhibition

The material and product exhibition showcased a variety of products. This exhibition was inaugurated by Ar. Suhail Abbasi. There were 28 vendor participants who setup more than seventy stalls. This time the focus was on practitioners conveying their work ethics and observations to students and vendors present and the debate based on the contributions of both practitioners and academicians.

Since the annual event of IAPEX provides a platform for architects, engineers, designers, builders, developers, students, building material vendors and the general public to interact under a one roof event; this was the best time to address how all these stakeholders contribute to our field. While most architects showed an interest in the new materials that were exhibited at the event; this time they also got to hear the views of several of their colleagues from the field who came in for IAPEX from different cities of Pakistan. The diversity of opinion that was seen at the forum, in a way represents the differences that IAP – Rawalpindi – Islamabad Chapter is trying to address this term; specifically the situation of the universities that are teaching architecture and design currently.  IAP is certainly trying to encourage students to join IAP or look forward to the activities that it is initiating.

Entrance Design Competition

This was evident in the announcement of a design competition before IAPEX. This competition asked for entrance designs for the event. Ten entries were received and a cash prize of 20,000 and 15,000 rupees was given to the winners. The jury that judged the entries was:

  • Muhammad Attique, Chairman IAP – Rawalpindi – Islamabad Chapter
  • Jahangir Sherpao, ARCASIA Vice President
  • Fawad Abbasi, ACYA Chairman
Ar. Waleed Ismail won the competition while Ar. Ahmer Javed was a runner up.