IAPEX 2019 – Press Release

Day 01: April 19, 2019

The 15th International Exhibition of Building products, IAPEX 2019 organised by The Institute of Architects Pakistan – Karachi Chapter was held from April 19th – 21st, 2019 at the Expo Centre.

As previous years, the 3-day IAPEX event showcased traditional and contemporary building materials and finishes, hardware, building, home, décor, furniture, fixtures and fittings, garden tools and implements and many other building and home related products manufactured in Pakistan and the Asian region. Running concurrently with the Exhibition at the venue is the IAPEX Conference at which eminent architects of the region will be presenting their works.

The Honorable Governor, Mr. Imran Ismail inaugurated the event with a ribbon cutting ceremony that marked the start of the exhibition as well as the IAPEX International Conference, attended by leading architects and creative minds, as well as distinguished Architects from Malaysia, Thailand and Sri Lanka.

After opening statements from IAP President, Ar. Arif Changezi and Chairman IAP Karachi Chapter Ar. Ramiz Baig, and Convener, Ar. Maria Ansari, presentations were made by the Exhibition and Conference Sponsors.

Ar. Tariq Hasan kicked off the Conference with a presentation titled “The Rough, The Smooth and The Shining” on his works, curated around the conference theme, “the Skin”, followed by Malaysian Architect, Mike Boon. Title of his presentation was “Beyond Skin Deep”. The day ended with a panel discussion moderated by the Ar. Khadija Jamal Shaban which opened up the discussion with the audience, teaming with architects, students, builders and industry representatives.

The conference aimed to share and learn from the solutions being developed generally in the world and particularly in the region on all 03 days.


Day 02: April 20, 2019

The day commenced with presentations by Sponsors. Ar. Palinda Kannangara from Sri Lanka and Ar. Yawar Jilani presented their works in the morning session, their presentations tiles was “Skin Deep?” & “Scratching the Surface” respectively followed by panel discussion moderated by the Ar. Mishaal Rozina Merchant. The afternoon session showcased the works of Ar. Ahmed Mian, Ar. Rashid Rasheed, and Ar. Iftikhar Azam culminating in a panel discussion moderated by Dr. Anila Naeem. Ar. Ahmed Mian Presentation title was “Skintalk, a Brief Narration & Undressing of the Built Environment”, Ar. Rashid Rasheed Presentation title was “Between Shadows and Light” and Ar. Iftikhar Azam Presentation title was “Of Envelopes and Letters”


Day 03: April 21, 2019

The day commenced with presentations by Sponsors. Ar. Shahid Abdulla and Ar. Jun Sekino (Thailand) presented their works, their presentation titles was “Building Envelopes – Postcards to the Future” & “The Method to Approach the Localization” respectively followed by panel discussion moderated by the Ar. Madiha Ghani. After the distribution of awards to the esteemed speakers, concluding remarks were presented by Co-Conevnor Conference Ar. Seher Aziz.

The day closed with student paper and design charrette presentations and a vote of thanks. IAPEX 2019 closed out after a successful session, with excellent attendance, and inspirational presentations and discourse.

IAPEX 2019 organizing committee comprised of the following

Ar. Ramiz Baig, Chairman, IAP Karachi Chapter

Ar. Maria Ansari, Convenor, IAPEX 2019

Ar. Arshad Faruqui, Convenor Conference

Ar. Dabeer Hemani, IAPEX Honorary Secretary

Ar. Hussain Kapadia, IAPEX Treasurer / Convenor Karachi: Sights and Lights

Ar. Khadija Tul Kubra, Convenor Conference Design

Ar. Bisma Askari, Convenor Print & Design

Ar. Mariam Nabi, Convenor Registration

Ar. Ali Reza Dossal, Convenor Student Charrette

Ar. Mishaal Rozina Merchant, Convenor Student Expo

Ar. Simran Ramnani, Convenor Hospitality

Ar. Affan Adil Khan, Convenor Logistics

Ar. Anwer Quettawala, Convenor Architects Portfolio

Ms. Sehar Aziz, Co-Convenor Conference

Ar. Samar Zehra, Co-Convenor Karachi: Sights and lights

Ar. Haya Qadri, Co-Convenor Karachi: Sights and lights

Ar. Salman Mateen, Co-Convenor Student Charrette

Ar. Huzefah Haroon, Co-Convenor Architects Portfolio

Ms. Rimsha Nasir, Co-Convenor Architects Portfolio

Ms. Tehmina Naqvi, IAPEX Marketing Manager

Ms. Sara Jamil, Communication Design Lead

Ar. Karim Barkat Samnani, Graphic Designer

Mr. Farhan Siddiqui, IAP Karachi Chapter Manager

Mr. Mohsin Mushtaq, IAP Karachi Chapter Executive Assistant


Above all individually recognized for their tirelessly efforts at the Gala Night and Closing Dinner of IAPEX 2019

In a special ceremony following the IAPEX 2019 Closing, the IAP recognized the honors conferred upon the Architects by the Government of Pakistan who are the following:

Nayyar Ali Dada

President Pride of Performance – 1993

Sitara-i-imtiaz – 2003

Hilal-i-imtiaz – 2018


Arif Hasan

Hilal – e- Imtiaz – 2001


Shahid Abdulla

President Pride of Performance-2014


Yasmin Lari

Sitara-i-Imtiaz – 2006

Hilal-i-Imtiaz – 2014


Perween Rahman

Sitara-e-Shujaat -2013 (posthumus)


Habib Fida Ali

Sitara i Imtiaz 2017 (posthumus)


Kamil Khan Mumtaz

Sitara e Imtiaz – 2019


Samar Ali Khan

Sitara e Imtiaz- 2019