Lecture by Ar. Rizwan Azeem, PESHAWAR

In collaboration with CECOS University, Ar. Rizwan Azim from Lahore was invited by IAP-Peshawar Chapter committee at Symposium Hall of CECOS University to discuss the “Role of Architecture Community in Conservation Efforts”. Convened by Ar. Nosheed Ullah Shah, the welcome address was presented by Chairman IAP-PC Ar. Mansoor Khan welcomed Ar. Riwan Azeem, Khalid Ayub and the audience who had come from different part of KP.

Ar. Rizwan Azeem made a detailed presentation on the Role of Architects who had contributed for conservation of architecture heritage. He presented a beautiful and historical documentary on Peshawar and Gandhara Civilization. He mentioned different ancient site of Pakistan in his speech and advised the young architects to take interest to get special training for conservation and preservation. He said that Architects and Archeologists have a big responsibility on their shoulders to do work day and night and preserve the architecture heritage for their coming generation. Pakistan is very rich in ancient architecture heritage, but unfortunately our heritage is destroying due to commercialization and ignorance. He said that once if a building is lost then it would never be restored, therefore it will be better to preserve it before deteriorating. He urged the need of having more trained professionals in the field.

The Chief Guest on the occasion, Mr. Khalid Ayub, Chairman of Karwan Taneem of Peshawar summed up the session and assured architects and archeologists for his support.