Presentation of Silk Bank Tower and Conservation of Lloyds Bank, Karachi

IAP Karachi Chapter organized an open discussion on the upcoming project of Silk Bank Tower and the conservation of historic building where the tower would be erected i.e. the Lloyds Bank. The main aim of the event was to create awareness among the architectural fraternity about the sensitivity of the projects based upon the adaptive reuse phenomenon.

The chief architect of the project Ar. Yawer Abbas Jillani from Arcop Associates was invited for a briefing on the project. The architect explained about the present day conservation status of the Lloyds bank building and stressed upon the construction techniques proposed for the construction of the Silk Bank tower. He further explained about the planning of the tower and its possible impact on the context of the area where it is located. The presentation was followed by a healthy discussion where various aspects of the project were discussed such as the impact of the tower in the historic quarter, the traffic issues and the repercussions of having a high-rise in place of a low rise stone structure.