SLIA National Conference 2015 and IAP Cricket tour to Sri Lanka 2015

SLIA Conference 2015 and IAP Cricket tour to Sri Lanka 2015

The Sri Lankan Institute of Architects conducted their national conference in Colombo on the 17th and 18th of February 2015. Ar. S.M. Jahangir Khan attended the conference not only representing IAP as President but Arcasia as well as Vice President Zone A.
Alongside the conference the IAP cricket team took its first step towards establishing itself on Sri Lankan soil in a series of 4 t20 matches.
SLIA’s welcoming and gracious hosting has left us humbled and we eagerly await the return opportunity to host them here in Pakistan. Their cricket teams talent, discipline and well oiled coaching has set a high benchmark and something to aspire towards, a goal which we are keen to achieve.
The IAP team led by the Honorary Secretary IAP, Ar. Ramiz Baig comprised of 12 architects aged 28 to 60 from all over Pakistan. The team ultimately lost the series to a much better opposition though it improved with every match and even registered a consolation win in the last match. Ar. Nosheed Ullah Shah was awarded best fielder of the series and Ar. Faizan Naeem won man of the match for the last match.
The IAP team more than the scorecards took back the shared camaraderie amongst the players and fun they had together over the course of the games. They most fondly remember the 2 games where they played in a mix team, two batsmen on the crease building a strong partnership one in green and one in blue, it’s a unique sight never before seen anywhere on a cricket field. The team huddles created moments which only reinforced the sense of brotherhood the teams felt for each other and that was indeed the number one goal for us when embarking for this tour.
Apart from the conference and the cricket, the entire delegation also visited the historic Galle Fort as well as some of the projects by the great Geoffrey Bawa.
The momentum created by this extremely well organized SLIA event should not be lost and we are hoping to lay the ground work for a return series soon!
The IAP now looks to all its chapters to make their own team which should play against each other regularly so a stronger team can be made for a return series which is already under planning.
The IAP Cricket Team for the tour of Sri Lanka: Ar. Ramiz Baig (Captain), Ar. Najeeb Omar, Ar. Arif Changezi, Ar. Shamim Alam, Ar. Rizwan Sadiq, Ar. Saad Shah, Ar. Faizan Naeem, Ar. Zarrar Hussain, Ar. Muhammad Yusaf Ghouri, Ar. Syed Athar Hussain, Ar. Faizullah Qureshi and Ar. Nosheed Ullah Shah.