The BAE-IAP- KC- 3rd Roundtable of Schools of Architecture

Third BAE-IAP Roundtable meeting in Karachi was held on April 01, 2017 at City Campus of NED University, Karachi to which all heads of Architecture School in the province of Sindh and Baluchistan were invited. The meeting was hosted by Department of Architecture at NED University. Following was the agenda for the meeting:

  • To apprise the participants with the on-going BAE Activities and seek their feedback and suggestions for Roundtable meetings at various Chapter levels
  • Update on Photography Competition and Exhibition
  • To discuss Faculty Award
  • To discuss and review the resource sharing proposals and commitments as made in previous meetings
  • To appoint a point person to keep a close liaison with all schools under IAP-KC domain for the execution of various proposals as discussed to be discussed in RT meetings.
  • To discuss the way forward for BAE and IAP to work together.