The Parallel Studio

The concept for a parallel studio was conceived in one of the numerous roundtable meetings at the BAE-IAP and developed actively the very same year resulting in a 36 contact studio with a single list of detailed assignments made compulsory for all participating institutions under the IAP Karachi Chapter. Six out of eight schools participated in this program.  The design Assignment was developed by Ar. Sadia Fazli  (K.U) , Dr. Noman Ahmed (N.E.D.) and Ar. Sami Chohan (IVS). Six schools participated in the experimental studio for their 3rd year architecture degree program and needless to say the result was not disappointing. The work of 6 students from every institution was selected and displayed at the City Campus of NED University from 20th – 22nd November 2017.  This year the participating institutions were:

  • Dawood University of Engineering & Technology, Karachi
  • Indus Valley School of Art & Architecture, Karachi
  • Department of Visual Studies, University of Karachi
  • NED University of Engineering & Technology, Karachi
  • Centre of Excellence in Art & Design (CEAD), MEUT, Jamshoro
  • Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology, Karachi

The idea to introduce this method of learning was to have students and Faculty analyse their strengths in a broader spectrum.  This method encourages studio instructors to broaden their approach as well as the students to assess their own strengths and weaknesses. The BAE-IAP proposes ‘Parallel Studio’ to be made part for all institutes from the coming year.