I am honoured and grateful to the IAP National Council (NC) and all IAP members for my election as the 25th President of the Institute of Architects Pakistan (IAP); a truly National representative body of Pakistani Architects since 1957.

IAP with its almost 65 years of existence is now a vibrant body of close to 2300 Associate Members and 2100 Student Affiliates across Pakistan registered through its four chapters; Lahore (LC), Karachi (KC), Rawalpindi/ Islamabad (RIC) and Peshawar (PC). The Chapters through their various activities like IAPEX, Lecture series, Workshops, Seminars and Webinars actively engage with the members and the Architecture Schools in their region.

A very important arm of IAP, the Board of Architecture (BAE)-IAP, consists of its Chairperson and HODs of the all the PCATP accredited schools of Architecture currently established in the country. BAE-IAP is a collaborative platform for architectural schools to share their resources through training workshops, meetings, competitions, as well as various student and faculty awards.

IAP is an active member of different International bodies of architects like International Union of Architects (UIA), The Architects Regional Council Asia (ARCASIA), Commonwealth Association of Architects (CAA) and South Asian Association for Regional Council of Architects (SAARCH). IAP representatives are part of their different Committees and initiatives for the collective efforts towards a better built environment and to meet the challenges of the profession.

As we slowly and hopefully come out of the Pandemic times which had greatly curtailed our physical activities, IAP intends to resume and improve its social interaction and activities to full swing. Moving forward, I feel that IAP needs to work on the following avenues:

  1. Further the culture of inclusiveness through creation of new Chapters in cities with a sizeable population of Architects.
  2. Improve engagement with the membership body through new initiatives and programs.
  3. Complete revamp of the IAP database and development of web/ mobile portal
  4. Engage with and Support PCATP as its working arm in aiding associated architectural schools for accreditation, facilitate student Affiliate Members for licensing examinations and support the PCATP Continued Professional Development (CPD) programme for Associate Members.
  5. Take a lead role through advocacy campaigns in collaboration with other professional and civic bodies to influence the policies of the government by offering technical input for development of major cities of Pakistan.


I hope our current and future membership will support us in our endeavor to make IAP a more unified and strong body effectively representing our fraternity at all forums.

Ar. Saad Mahmood Khan
President, IAP