” I am honored and privileged to be the 24th elected President of the Institute of Architects Pakistan (IAP) since 2018 and I appreciate the confidence, the National Council and the IAP members have shown in my ability to lead this wonderful representative body of architects established in 1957.

IAP over the years has become the most vibrant body of architects in Pakistan with more than 2000 members all over Pakistan and 1500 student members associated with the four Chapters at Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Peshawar who are promoting the profession through Workshops, Seminars, Conferences and other educational activities to empower and inspire the architects to be able to contribute significantly for a better built environment and livable cities.

I am highly appreciative of the Board of Architecture (BAE)-IAP consisting of its Chairperson and all the HODs of the accredited schools of Architecture in the country. IAP through BAE-IAP has provided a perfect platform to the architectural schools to collaborate with each other and share their resources in addition to the training workshops, meetings, competitions, awards to the students and faculty and webinars being arranged for them so as to improve the quality of education and bring about a positive change in it in line with the modern needs and challenges of the profession of architecture in the wake of global warming, deteriorating environment, natural disasters, rapid urbanization, energy crisis etc. IAP in the lead role has also initiated a number of Advocacy campaign in collaboration with other professional and civic bodies to influence the policies of the government by offering technical input for development of major cities like Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad.

Associated as a member in different world bodies of architects like International Union of Architects (UIA), The Architects Regional Council Asia (ARCASIA), Commonwealth Association of Architects (CAA) and South Asian Association for Regional Council of Architects (SAARCH), IAP has played a pivotal role in these international bodies and is part of their different Committees and initiatives for the collective efforts towards a better built environment and to meet the challenges of the profession.

We in IAP with the support of the National Council and all the four Chapters are bringing structural reforms for better coordination and launching of an improved website is a step in the same direction including using the social media as well. For the first time, all the elections in the Chapters and the National Council were held online in which members not only exercised their right to vote freely to elect the best candidates but also with great ease in line with the modern needs.

In the present Pandemic time, IAP took full advantage of the lockdown situation and allowed its members to attend at least 23 webinars/ virtual lectures in order to empower our architects through interaction with the renowned national and international speakers so as to inspire them through their work/talk to prepare them to work for the future generations and improving the quality of lives of the communities without compromising on environmental issues. This was unthinkable for the architects to connect with these renowned architects before the pandemic.

I thank all the IAP members for their continued support and urge the new graduates to join IAP to make good use of this platform for the common cause and also continue to support it to make it stronger and a true representative body of architects in days to come.”

Ar. Muhammad Arif Changezi
President, IAP