A workshop was initiated by the IAP Karachi Chapter to celebrate World Architecture Day which is observed internationally every first Monday of October each year.

This year the International Union of Architects (UIA) set the theme as “Architecture…. Housing for all”, and as tradition holds, IAP Karachi Chapter held an event to mark the importance of this day for the Architecture community. Where by employing hands on exercise titled “CASTING IMPRESSIONS”.

Some 70 odd Affiliates and Associate members participated in the 3hr workshop organised by the IAP Karachi Chapter Executive Committee members Ar. Ali Reza Dossal and Ar. Huzefah Haroon

The workshop consisted of individual and group collaborations to produce concrete casts.

The outcome were a combination of various material exploration on site provided by IAP Karachi Chapter.

This event was supported by BAE-IAP who supported us in spreading the word across various universities which helped us extend the event to students as well.

The session was preceded by welcome address by Chairman IAP Karachi Chapter Ar. Ramiz Baig, followed by speech from Chairperson BAE-IAP Ar. Khadija Jamal and Chief Guest of the event, President IAP Ar. Arif Changezi.

The workshop comprised of two different sizes of molds, and site scraps and raw materials were made available for participants creative ingenuity.

Architects and Students participated individually as well as in groups and the impressions were unique artistic expressions of collective and individual thoughts.

The result was an outstanding display of concrete impressions that are planned to be a permanent part of the IAP House Karachi Chapter.