Approved in the Second Meeting of the National Council, Institute of Architects Pakistan 15th January 2007



(A). The IAP has expanded its Membership all over the country; and its activities and programs have increased in the those cities of Pakistan where there is a concentration of its Members;

Realizing that,

(B). It is expedient, reasonable and an administratively sound policy to organize and empower this Membership into functional and self sustaining administrative units called Chapters of the Institute of Architects, Pakistan, in order to decentralize activities and provide an opportunity to the Members to enhance and involve and provide professional leadership growth opportunities to Members aggregated into such Chapters as may be deemed fit, and;

Being aware that,

(C). Such decentralized organization of Members into Chapters at the city/regional level shall enhance the role, responsibility, activity and lend further impetus to the growth of professionalism in the various regions of the country by a uniform policy of principles agreed upon and implemented nation-wide under the policy guidelines, hereunder enunciated by the National Council of the Institute of Architects, Pakistan; and;

Knowing that,

(D). Such a decentralization into Chapters, will also enhance, increase and improve the professionalism of the Member Architects of the Institute and the Institute itself, and consequently the profession of Architecture in Pakistan; and,


(E). The Chapters can and shall be the executive arm of the National Council of the Institute, implementing, organizing and staging all IAP activities in the region they represent under the guidance and policies enunciated by the National Council of the IAP from time to time, and;

Acknowledging that,

(F). The National Council should continue to exercise its role of formulating, issuing and implementing such National Policy Guidelines, with Chapter input and feedback, for the entire region of Pakistan, for the operation of the Institute as a whole, through and with the assistance of the Chapters as part of the Chapters responsibility; and,


(G). The National Council shall continue to deal with the International Linkages, International Memberships, and International Representation and arrange to pay such Membership Fees as may be necessary to continue with such representation at such Fora as it may decide upon, to be Member of, and thus undertake to represent the Membership of IAP and the profession of architecture at those International Fora, and therefore, undertake such other measures as deemed fit to adequately represent the Profession of Architecture and the Architects of Pakistan at the International level; and,

Asserting that,

(H). It shall be the mission of the Chapters to implement the National Policy Guidelines emanating from the policy decisions of the National Council IAP developed with the input and feedback from the Chapters, and to such policies as are reviewed from time to time, and those that in particular are meant to enhance, encourage and implement programs for the uplift, growth and development of the ideals and objectives of the Institute of Architects Pakistan as enumerated in the Constitution of the IAP; and,


(I). It would be more effective to empower the Chapters to take up local issues, local representation and local professional programs, with the full knowledge, consent, assistance and support of the National Council of IAP when such issues are not in contradiction of stated policies / objectives / directives of the Institute of Architects, Pakistan;

Now therefore,

(J). The National Council of the Institute of Architects, Pakistan in session at Karachi on this the Fifteenth day of the month of January in the year 2007, considered this Charter for the Creation and Operation of Chapters of the Institute of Architects, Pakistan; and,

In anticipation of,

(K). The ratification by the Membership of the Institute, gathered in an AGM of the IAP, when next held; does,


(L)Unanimously approve, adopt and implement with immediate effect, the above Preamble and the following Charter for the Formation and Operation of IAP Chapters in super cession of any other earlier governing document that may have been in force now, or in the past; and in consequence,

Causes to exist:

1.The National Council–IAP shall assist and encourage the formation of Chapters of the Institute after satisfying itself that all the criteria herein stated or as added, subtracted or clarified from time to time, have been met by the Members desirous of forming such a Chapter in any region / city of Pakistan upon their application to the National Council of IAP.

2.The Chapters shall abide by, under all circumstances, the Constitution of the Institute of Architects, Pakistan and the National Policy Guidelines formulated and enunciated by the National Council of IAP as stated above.

3.The Chapter Chairman and all Chapter Executives and Members of the Chapter Executive Committee, shall, individually, jointly and severally, be responsible for the governance of the Chapter, and all Chapter actions taken individually or jointly, especially those that incur liabilities and responsibilities on the IAP Chapter shall be judged to have been the actions taken by and on behalf of the Chapter, as a whole.

Under the Criteria:

4. There must be a minimum of 30(thirty) Members in good standing from the applicant area in which the Chapter is proposed to be formed.

5. At least eight (08) of these Members so applying should have been Members of the IAP for at least 10 (ten years).

6.That the Members desiring to form such a Chapter must state in writing duly signed that they shall abide by the aims objectives and uphold at all times the Constitution, of IAP, the Bye-laws of the Institute if any, and also agree unconditionally, to abide by the Code of Ethics of the Institute, the directives and Policy Guidelines of the National Council, now in force or issued from time to time and as may be agreed upon and ratified by the General Body of the Institute, conveyed to it in writing by the Honorary Secretary or the President of the Institute.

7.That the Members desirous of forming the Chapter shall from among themselves elect, initially, an Executive Committee, consisting of a Chairman of the Chapter, Vice Chairman, Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer and five (5) other Executive Committee Members, nine (09) in all, of whom all are in good standing, and to hold elections according to the IAP Election process (as enunciated in the IAP Constitution) within a period of three (03) months; and thereafter, every year for the above nine posts (09). Members of the Executive Committee of the Chapter shall be elected before the 30th of July each year, beginning in the year 2007.

7.1 In order to guide, advise, assist and monitor the Chapter and in order to ensure that the directives of the National Council are followed and not violated, and professionalism followed in all aspects of its activities in the Chapter area, the relevant Vice President of the National Council or a Member of the National Council of IAP shall be an appointed by the National Council as an Ex-Officio Member of the Chapter Executive Committee, and he shall attend all meetings of the Chapter Executive Committee as if he was a Member of the Committee but without voting rights. The Vice President or the nominee Member so appointed shall report directly to the IAP National Council on Chapter activities and assist in the development of the Chapter. Together with the Chapter Chairman, the Vice President or the nominee Member of the National Council of IAP shall ensure that Articles of the IAP Constitution and Article 2 of this Charter are followed in letter and spirit.

7.2 The audited accounts of Income and Expenditures of the Chapter shall also be presented every year by 30th of July, for the purpose of incorporation in the National Council’s audited accounts as per the requirement of the laws governing the Institute’s operation in the country.

8.The Chapter Chairman, or in his absence the Vice Chairman shall be a full voting Member of the National Council of the IAP and shall attend such meetings as are

9.duly convened by the IAP National Council in which the interests of the Chapter shall be represented and through the Chairman feedback and decisions of the IAP-NC conveyed to the Chapter Membership in addition to measures taken by the IAP–NC to disseminate such essential policy decisions notices, relevant national and international information as may be deemed fit.


10.The Chapters shall be responsible for receiving the Membership Application and its Fee and collecting the Annual Membership dues as fixed by the National Council from time to time and the Chapter Chairman under his/her cover letter shall duly forward the Membership Application with his/her recommendation to the National Council for their acceptance or otherwise, and in case of acceptance, the National Council IAP shall issue a Membership Number and a Membership Certificate and send to the Chapter for its delivery to the applicant.

11.The National Council shall at the time of its AGM present a Budget of anticipated Expenditures for the following year of operation and on acceptance of the Budget by the AGM, the entire amount shall be made available to the NC-IAP by the Chapters in proportionate amounts to be mutually decided among the Chapters and the IAPNC, and in any case not later than the 30th of December of the year preceding the year for which the Budget is presented.

12.The Chapters can raise, without compromising the professionalism and the good name of the IAP and the IAP Chapter, such funds, beyond the Membership fee collected, as may be required to conduct programs, hold meetings, conduct seminars and gatherings of academic and social nature; and meet its share due to the IAP-NC, and maintain such Accounts as may be necessary, subject to the conditions enunciated in Article 11.2 below. 11.1 Such funds, as are raised from the events arranged as per Article 11 above, shall form part of the audited accounts to be tendered to the National Council each year before August 15, to be incorporated in the National Council audited accounts; 11.2 In order not to compromise professionalism, incur conflict of interests for the IAP and its Chapters, and/or compromise the good name of the Institute and its Members as a registered professional body, if and when programs of the Chapter are to be sponsored or arranged by the Chapter Executive Committee for its Members involving Third Parties, prior information and permission of the National Council shall be obtained at least 14 days before the event, by the Chapter for the terms and conditions that are proposed to be agreed upon by the IAP Chapter Executive Committee with said Third Parties for such programs as may be proposed to be held. Accountability of the Chapters:

13.It shall be the responsibility of the National Council to promote enhance and encourage the Spirit of Professionalism in the Chapters.

12.1 By the same token the Chapters shall be accountable to the National Council for acts of Omission and Commission as the case may be. The Chapter shall ensure compliance of the Objectives of the IAP Constitution and those outlined in this Charter. (Article 3 above refers)

12.2 The National Council can take suo moto action against a Chapter in case of non-compliance of its directives and/or complaint, the IAP–NC shall institute an inquiry and if satisfied of the correctness of the complaint, dismiss the Chapter Executive Committee by 2/3 majority vote of the National Council Members present in a duly called National Council Meeting at which, are present the Plaintiff Chapter and the complainant petitioner who shall both give their viewpoint and upon being satisfied that the wrong has indeed been committed, the National Council shall authorize the Vice President of the National Council (or the nominee Member of the National Council as the case may be), to hold fresh elections to install a new Chapter Executive Committee; provided that, more than six months are remaining in the term of office of the said Chapter Executive Committee, and provided that, if less than six months remain, an ad hoc Committee headed by the said Vice President (or the Nominee Member of the National Council, as the case may be) shall be formed to complete the remaining term of office and conduct due elections as part of their responsibility. The Members of the retiring Chapter Executive Committee shall not be eligible for election to any office for a period of two official terms of the Chapter or the National Council.

12.3 In case the petitioner is found to be making a false petition the IAP National Council shall by a two-third (2/3rd) majority vote to suspend the IAP Membership of the Petitioner for a period not exceeding five (05) years.

Supremacy of the IAP Constitution

14.This Charter upon approval of the National Council of IAP and its ratification by the AGM or EGM shall be deemed to be part of the Constitution of the IAP. 14. Wherever, there is a contradiction in terms, meaning or interpretation, the provisions of the Constitution of IAP shall prevail, the interpretation of such provisions being the prerogative of the IAP-NC and its implementation subject to the acceptance of the interpretation by the National Council and its subsequent ratification by the Members of the Institute gathered in the Annual General Meeting (AGM) or in an Extra-ordinary General Meeting (EGM) duly called for the purpose of such ratification.

Proposed by: Ar. Syed Zaigham S. Jaffery, FIAP- Member National Council. Seconded by: Ar. Mujahid Sadiq, AIAP- Member National Council. Verified as Approved Unanimously in the Second Meeting of the National Council, 15th Jan 2007

Ar. Ejaz Ahed, FIAP

                                                Ar. Amina Nasim Jan, AIAP
                                                Honorary Secretary