The theme of the competition was in line with the IAPEX 2019 theme of Skin Architecture. Envelop – to enclose or surround something completely. Envelop can be seen like fog enveloping a city; can be perceived like aura enveloping a person, can be seen and felt as boxes, containers, covers, facades of a building, as all of these surround and preserve the inside. The expression of the ‘state of enveloping’ is the surface which is enriched by shape, form, colour, texture etc. The perspective changes with its exposure to various types and direction of light. In this competition, under the convenorship of Ar. Bisma Askari, the young photographers were expected to push the boundaries of their imagination in capturing the ‘state of enveloping’ in part or full.
96 frames were received from 32 students from 5 universities across Pakistan.
The Jury comprising of Khaula Jamil and Humayun Memon (Photographers), Sayem Ghayur (Architect and Photographer), Arif Changez, President IAP and Khadija Jamal Shaban, Chairperson BAE-IAP awarded the prizes to the following:

1st Prize: Fariya Nasir, NED University, Karachi
2nd Prize: Mehroze Rana, UMT, Lahore
3rd Prize: Salman Rafi, UMT, Lahore
Honourable Mention: Radhya Kareem, IVS, Karachi