Muhammadi House is located on main I.I. Chundrigar Road (McLeod Road) at plot No.04/1A Serai Quarter having a plot size of 2,786 sq. yards. The building was commissioned by the then Muhammadi Steamship Company Limited. Construction work commenced in 1952 and by the time the building was completed in 1957, it was the tallest building in Karachi having ground +9 stories. The building was regarded as a high rise upto the 1980s with a rentable area of about 162,892 sq. feet. In its hay days, the building was at the epicenter of shipping activities in Karachi and was regarded as one of the prestigious land marks of Karachi housing many of the largest shipping firms at the time, in addition to housing offices of the top chartered accountants and lawyers in the city. Muhammadi House became a part of Pakistan Shipping Corporation IN 1974 and later Pakistan National Shipping Corporation (PNSC).