The Jury for the 10th IAP Graduate Award 2017-18 was held on Monday, 19th March at the IAP Office in
Lahore. Thirty two entries were reviewed and assessed by the jury comprising of Ar. Sajida Vandal and
Dr. Syed Tauseef Ahmed (Academics), Ar. Syed Mohammad Irfan and Ar. Raza Ali Dada (Practice), Ar.
Ali Zafar Qazi (President IAP) and Ar. Khadija Jamal Shaban (Chairperson, BAE-IAP). The Jury found
merit in recommending two winners as the two projects, though diverse, managed to bring to fruition and
completeness the research and ensuing design. Both the winners belong to NUST School of Art, Design
and Architecture, Islamabad. The winners are:

Anam Ishtiaq Malik

Topic: The Library as a Social Hub

Iqra Khalid
Topic: Artist-In-Village Residency

The Institute of Architects Pakistan and the Board of Architectural Education extend warmest
congratulations to the winners and thank all the students and faculty for submitting their entries. The
Award ceremony will be held later in the year.

Our deepest appreciation to the Jury for their time and knowledge in reviewing the 32 projects and
considered discussions on arriving at the selection of shared winners.