On 21st December 2019, IAP Karachi Chapter arranged an interactive session with Mr.Shahzad Qureshi on creating Pakistan’s first “Urban Forest” and how to reduce the effects of climate change through urban foresting. The event was held at the Urban Forest Park located in Clifton,Karachi.

Mr.Qureshi informed the IAP members that Pakistan has already been affected from the global climate change phenomena and urban foresting is a good tool to combat the issue.

The key element for urban foresting is the diversification and the native growth of flora and fauna. According to Mr.Qureshi the methods proposed by Japanese botanist Professor Akira Miyawaki’s for afforestation, watering and composting if applied for two years will eventually result in an urban forest. With this method different types of plants and trees are grown in close proximity to one another resulting in growth which is many times higher than usual. Mr Qureshi showed different phases of growth in the park and the importance of diversification through the plantation of the native trees such as “Keekar, Banyan, Amaltas and Neem etc. With the growth of native flora and fauna the native birds and insects have also become a more common sight. This will help develop the ecosystem much further.